AIA Elite Funds

Harmonise your long-term financial goals with your personal legacy through tailored wealth management solutions

For over a century, AIA has been nurturing our clients' Wealthbeing, meticulously managing insurance funds on their behalf through AIA Investments, one of the region's most experienced leading asset owner and institutional asset manager and powered by hand-picked institutional asset managers from the world's finest – Baillie Gifford, BlackRock, Capital Group and Wellington Management.  
Our steadfast dedication to fostering long-term, sustainable investment outcomes has empowered individuals, like you, to enjoy a purposeful and enriching life through education, retirement, and family legacy planning.
Introducing the AIA Elite Funds – AIA Elite Conservative, AIA Elite Balanced, and AIA Elite Adventurous, each tailored to suit your unique aspirations and risk preferences. Your portfolio will comprise a strategic mix of equities and bonds, targeted at delivering optimal returns and ensuring financial stability for the long term.

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