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A state of being – where wealth meets wellbeing, seamlessly blending wealth creation and well-being through a comprehensive and compelling suite of solutions to empower customers to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives

Our holistic Wealthbeing solutions​

We understand that everyone's aspirations and needs are unique, and you want to build something that endures. So, we are here to listen with an open mind, bring clarity and tailor our advice with fresh perspectives and deep insights.​
When you partner with AIA International Wealth, you will also have access to specialist support from our panel of experts in AIA Investments, the exclusive investment arm of AIA Group. ​
AIA Investments has served more than 39 million individual policies for over 100 years, and we seek to create purposeful value for every stakeholder.​
We understand that the smallest act can make the biggest impact. That's why it is essential to take Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into consideration when making our investment decisions. This way, we help to drive sustainable value that will have a lasting impact for the generations to come.​

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